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Good Tunes from June

June is the best month of the year for a number of reasons.  Many share the joy of good weather, vacation, beaches, travel, and celebrations galore. The first month of summer brought us some of the best music of 2017. Here are my five favorite:



The month started off strong with SZA’s latest album. It was orignally due out in 2016, however she delayed it’s release, and this masterpiece might be even better as a result. Half-way through the year I’m very compelled to prounounce CTRL the best album of the year. It’s very refreshing to hear a female artist expressing her joys, feelings, and desires with the same comfort that we are accustomed to hearing from male counterparts.


Big Fish Theory by Vince Staples

Vince Staples’ second full studio album is just as exciting and enjoyable as the his first studio album, Summertime ’06, which graced our ears exactly two years ago. Just like its predecessor, Big Fish Theory is a great summer album. It really catches the free flowing vibe of the warmer & sunnier months.


Melodrama by Lorde

I don’t like pop music, but this Lorde album sure was an easy listen.


13 EP by Denzel Curry

You can never go wrong with some Curry. Steph Curry, cheffing with curry, curry stew, Denzel Curry, whatever it is, it’s loud! Denzel Curry has made a niche out of yelling into a mic with flow and rhythm.


4:44 by Jay-Z

Jay’s latest album 4:44 is also his fourth since he announced his retirement after Kingdom Come (if you’re counting). He uses the album as an opportunity to tell a very personal story. Crafty lyrics and excellent production (from No I.D.) reveal his side of the much publicized status of his relationship with famed spouse Beyoncé. It also manages to be an uplifting project that bucks the trend of bragging about his own riches, and offers reflection on the paths he wish he took to prosperity.








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