F.E.A.T. Fitness: Summer Workout Series

Tip of the week: It is important to strengthen the core. You should do your core exercises before other exercises for a couple reasons. You have the most energy at the beginning of a workout, so you will be able to do them a bit easier and more effectively. Another added benefit to doing them… Continue reading F.E.A.T. Fitness: Summer Workout Series


FEAT Fitness: The Plan

Tip of the Week: Replace your beverage of choice with water, unless of course it already is water, in which case drink more! By drinking primarily water and plenty of it, you simultaneously reduce the intake of unnecessary calories and improve your digestive system.  In the last FEAT Fitness I mentioned creating a plan that… Continue reading FEAT Fitness: The Plan


FEAT Fitness: Getting Started

Tip of Week:  "All them Nikes you got on, you better just do it!" - Robert Freeman (aka Granddad from the Boondocks) We all would like to live long prosperous lives. Part of that means living a healthy lifestyle. Growing up I was always involved in sports so that kept me fit for the most… Continue reading FEAT Fitness: Getting Started