Pregame by Ahzay (Impressions)

Check out this rising rap artist who goes by the name Ahzay. He just released a five song compilation called The Pregame. This release serves as a preview to his forthcoming album, The Routine: A Long Story Short. Overall I like what I hear. There is a good mix of sounds that show he has the ability to switch styles, this versatility should serve his album well. All the tracks offer easy listening without lacking wordplay. From what I’ve heard, he’s ready for the music industry to embrace him.

The five tracks on The Pregame are Dewitit, Change Up, Drop, uLike, and 3/14.

  • “uLike” really reminds me of a good song that you would find in sports movie soundtrack. If anyone watched The Longest Yard, you’ll know this track would fit right into that soundtrack, which is a good thing because that soundtrack was well composed.
  • “Dewitit” featuring Alexandra Poindexter is a nice showcase. Poindexter’s melodic singing is reminiscent of Kelly Rowland from her Destiny’s Child days. She has a very unique voice that owns the track in a good way. The collaboration works well as she compliments Ahzay’s verses.
  • “3/14” featuring Sirius Joy serves as a short message hinting that the album will be released on March 14th.
  • “Change up” starts the project with a daring line, “The lion does not concern himself with the opinions of sheep”. The song has a very nice piano sample that you may recognize from the song “Somewhere in America” by Jay-Z.
  • “Drop” is a solid hype track. If you’re looking for a song to really kick off your pregame drinking, then direct your listening to this lively song.

I’m looking forward to his complete album, but in the mean time you can listen to The Pregame  in the soundcloud player above.


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