Summer Jams ’17

Who needs a playlist for the summer? I’ve got you covered. Here’s a growing and changing compilation of 2017’s songs good enough for workouts and BBQ’s. Feel free to put the playlist on shuffle. Enjoy!


Worthwhile Music You May Have Missed

I miss out on so many movies, books, games, and other general entertainment throughout a given year because all of those things require me to be at home for a significant amount of time, and that just doesn't seem to happen anymore. This happens so often that I've had to make lists of all the… Continue reading Worthwhile Music You May Have Missed


Pregame by Ahzay (Impressions)

Check out this rising rap artist who goes by the name Ahzay. He just released a five song compilation called The Pregame. This release serves as a preview to his forthcoming album, The Routine: A Long Story Short. Overall I like what I hear. There is a good mix of sounds that show he has… Continue reading Pregame by Ahzay (Impressions)


F.E.A.T. Life Best of 2013 Music List

Best album of the year is pretty silly, especially considering that music taste is fairly subjective (up to a certain point). I'm not going to throne any particular album as the best of them all because in a year like this,where there were many worthy listens, it would not make sense. Rather I'll give you… Continue reading F.E.A.T. Life Best of 2013 Music List