Your Summer Movie Roundup (2 Months Late)

Nice list of summer movies. Go see Godzilla while you still can! It’s a great movie! Also what would a summer be without its blockbuster action movies. While Transformers may be more of the same, I can’t help myself. Also Edge of Tomorrow is a great movie, one of Tom Cruise’s best in recent years.

Next Time On...

The summer movie preview 2014 edition has arrived–now sit down, contain your excitement you’re a grown ass person.  Here it is, everything you need to know about the important movies coming out (some that have already come out) this summer.  It’s two and a half months late because why the fuck not right?  We’re already late: down to business.

Don’t Go See it:

The movies you’ve heard about but should avoid.  Like the plague but these won’t even get you out of work.


It’s a shitty movie, both unfunny and racist.  It also manages to star Adam Sandlar and Drew Barrymore, again—for some reason.  Sure Adam Sandler was once beloved by someone, in fact there’s a whole group of people out there who once thought this man was a comic genius.  Regardless of what you may have thought at one point, Sandler is the absolute bottom of the barrel…

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