Defending Lebron James

Side Note: A lot of people are giving Lebron James flack for not being able to finish Game 1 of the NBA Finals against the Spurs. He sat out the 4th quarter with what was reported as severe cramps. Everyone wants to compare him to other greats and their extenuating circumstances in Finals games. The most famous one that everyone references is  the Game 5 that Michael Jordan played with the flu in the 1997 Finals, and put on a pretty good performance. However, leg cramps and illness are not the same, and neither do they impact bodily function in the same way either. You can play and exercise through the flu (at risk to your own health), but your body will be working even harder due to trying to recover to a normal condition. Depending on the severity of the cramp, you are very likely to have extremely restricted movement. No matter how much will you put towards regaining mobility, your body has essentially shut you down until it thinks you’ve returned to a normal state away from whatever caused the over-exertion. If Lebron had cramps early in the game he may have been able to return later in the game when the cramps had subsided, and instead we’d be praising him. The timing of the arena’s Air Conditioning system malfunctioning just didn’t allow for that to happen. The Heat have lost Game 1 of their last 2 Finals series that ended with them the world champions, so I don’t think they are fretting too much.

All that being said, the new fad “Lebroning” is pretty funny. I for one would like to see him rebound from that game, and show the world why he is the best basketball player right now. At the end of the day, he is in his 4th straight NBA finals, and very few have accomplished the same feat.


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