Summer Workout Series 2015 Wrap-up

beach workout

You worked hard all summer, gained new habits, and set yourself on a path to a healthier lifestyle. The takeaways from the Summer Workout Series should be:

  1. You can make an active lifestyle out of your favorite activities.
  2. You should choose your own pace and intensity for workouts.
  3. Set goals both short-term and long-term, but use them only as guidelines.
  4. Presenting yourself with a challenge is how you will achieve your desired results.
  5. Try to go beyond yesterday’s achievements, the effort alone will make you better for doing so.
  6. Rest and nourishment are important! Stave off injury and illness by keeping well hydrated, sleeping & breaking, and eating enough food!

As we head into the fall, I will part with these final workout suggestions to hold you until it’s time to make those New Year’s Resolutions again.

  • Cardio Activity: Pick a sport or activity that you can partake in for at least 3 hours a week. Examples: Basketball, Swimming, Yoga, Squash, etc.
  • Write out your workout schedule with the activities you plan on doing, that way you know how to either stay on track or what you need to do to get back on track. Example:






    Muscle Group

    Upper back & Shoulders


    Lower Body

    Biceps & Triceps

    Cardio Activity


    Run 2.5 miles

    Elliptical 30 mins


    • Ideally you will write out all the reps and sets of each particular exercise that you plan on doing on that given day. It really helps on the days when you’re on auto-pilot and you either have low energy or motivation isn’t so high.
  • Watch your diet, but don’t live by it. You will never see me pass on cupcakes! You work your body so hard so that you can indulge your appetite without too much of an impact on daily life.
  • Stretch before and after all exercise! You’ll be less tight and suffer less injury-related setbacks.
  • Stay hydrated. Which means be mindful that the pumpkin spice latter you just ordered from Starbucks has just decreased your hydration level.
  • Warm muscles are productive muscles. Do warm-ups before your full exercise and keep them warm with long-sleeves or pants after workouts.

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