NFL Season Predictions by Division

Yay football is back! Congrats to the Denver Broncos for taking home the Lombardi trophy last season. Thankfully Von Miller is paid and happy. Here are¬†my full season predictions: NFC East New York Giants 10-6 Dallas Cowboys 8-8 Washington Redskins 6-10 ¬†Philadelphia Eagles 5-11 The Giants come out on top of arguably the worst… Continue reading NFL Season Predictions by Division

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Super Bowl Predictions: Seahawks Over Patriots.

The all important preview of the game: Well the regular season is finally over. The two Super Bowl Bowl Champion contenders have fought their way to Glendale, AZ. Suprise! If anyone cares to remember, I picked the New England Patriots to face the defending Super Bowl champions, the Seattle Seahawks, in my pre-season predictions.… Continue reading Super Bowl Predictions: Seahawks Over Patriots.