NFL Season Predictions by Division

Yay football is back! Congrats to the Denver Broncos for taking home the Lombardi trophy last season. Thankfully Von Miller is paid and happy.

Here are my full season predictions:

NFC East

  1. New York Giants 10-6
  2. Dallas Cowboys 8-8
  3. Washington Redskins 6-10
  4.  Philadelphia Eagles 5-11

The Giants come out on top of arguably the worst division in football. The Cowboys finish 8-8 yet again, it will be viewed as a positive, and Jason Garrett somehow keeps his job again. Washington (see what I did there?) finishes ahead of the Eagles simply because Philly wants to make use of their restocked draft picks.

NFC West

  1. Seattle Seahawks 12-4
  2. Arizona Cardinals 12 -4
  3. St. Louis Rams 6-10
  4. San Francisco 49ers  4-12

The Seattle Seahawks are still hungry for redemption after the greatest blunder in football history. Arizona will once again be a great team that falls short due to unfortunate and untimely injury. The Rams surprise everyone with a rejuvenated offense. The evil team cancer Chip Kelly will ignore the capable players in his his fast-paced offense, and somehow the team’s failures will be blamed on Colin Kaepernick.

NFC North

  1. Green Bay Packers 10-6
  2. Minnesota Vikings 9-7
  3. Detroit Lions 8-8
  4. Chicago Bears 5-11

Adrian Peterson once again carries the team to the playoffs, but the Vikings exit in the first round. Aaron Rodgers has Jordy Nelson back and proves what no one was thinking, he’s just a guy with a strong arm, a very capable receiver corps, and a defense that supplements the offensive pace well. The bears will be bad as usual since the departure of Lovie Smith, but they’ll at least have some more exciting games. Believe it or not, but the retirement of Calvin “Megatron” Johnson, actually helps the Detroit Lions’ pass-heavy offense, and the defense just might finally play like they are paid to be there each week.

NFC South

  1. Carolina Panthers 12-4
  2. Atlanta Falcons 9-7
  3. New Orleans Saints 8-8
  4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7-9

This division just 2 years ago had teams still in playoff-birth contention with a record of 6-10. The division will be tough once again, but not in a be the butt of the league type of way. The Falcons finally make a return to the playoffs after a resurgence of Matty Ice. Jameis Winston will prove his worth as a number 1 overall pick, but the Bucs won’t justify firing Lovie Smith by finishing below 0.500. Drew Brees is trash, but got paid so the Saints will get their worth out of him. Lastly the defending NFC Champions will find out if it was Josh Norman that helped the defensive scheme or vice-versa.

AFC East

  1. New England Patriots 10-6
  2. Buffalo Bills 9-7
  3. New York Jets 9-7
  4. Miami Dolphins 5-11

Tom Brady’s suspension  benefits the Patriots by sparing him 4 less weeks of pounding from increasingly athletic men to his aging body. The Bills, brushing off of last years’s shaky season, will be a team that surprises. Miami might finally use their defensive talent, and the Jets come into this season with a better team and some consistency.

AFC West

  1. Denver Broncos 12-4
  2. Kansas City Chiefs 10-6
  3. Oakland Raiders 7-9
  4. Sandiego Chargers 6-10

The Raiders will be exciting to watch at the very least. Kansas City will be an offensive force even if Jamaal Charles goes down again. The Chargers don’t know if they will still be in Sandiego, and the Broncos ride their defense to Super Bowl contention again.

AFC North

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers 10-6
  2. Baltimore Ravens 10-6
  3. Cincinnati Bengals 7-9
  4. Cleveland Browns 3-11

Assuming good health, the combination of Josh Gordon and RGIII’s arm will win the Brown a few games down the stretch giving false-hope to a better season next year. Andy Dalton’s favorite targets will be hindered by injury and thus just miss the playoffs. The Ravens are healthy again, and Pittsburgh will benefit from fresher legs with the return of the suspended Le’Veon Bell.

AFC South

  1. Indianapolis Colts 10-6
  2. Houston Texans 9-7
  3. Jacksonville Jaguars 6-10
  4. Tennessee Titans  4-12

On paper all of these teams have improved. This will not be the case, and the Colts are the best in the division by default.

NFC Championship

Arizona Cardinals vs Seattle Seahawks

AFC Championship

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Denver Broncos

Super Bowl

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Seattle Seahawks




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