Defending Lebron James

Side Note: A lot of people are giving Lebron James flack for not being able to finish Game 1 of the NBA Finals against the Spurs. He sat out the 4th quarter with what was reported as severe cramps. Everyone wants to compare him to other greats and their extenuating circumstances in Finals games. The… Continue reading Defending Lebron James


F.E.A.T. Fitness: Summer Workout Series (Week 2)

Tip of the Week: Stretching is very important for exercise. You stay flexible and reduce risk of injury. Stretch before and after exercise. Stretching is a part of the exercise process. You'll notice you're a little looser and stronger if you stretch. Let's start early this week so we have time for some great distractions.… Continue reading F.E.A.T. Fitness: Summer Workout Series (Week 2)