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Ahzay “Nothing”, Making TJ Proud

Hailing from Frederick, MD Ahzay presents his fresh track titled “Nothing”. In recent years, the DMV has blessed us with a few talented artists such as Logic and Gold Link. Pretty soon Ahzay will be a name that must be mentioned when talking about good artists from the DC area.
At the onset of the video we see a nighttime view of Frederick’s beautiful city center. “Nothing” highlights the hardworking nature of Thomas Johnson’s Football team and the Women’s Soccer team who have both been very competitive teams this year. Just like those teams in the spotlight, Ahzay is breaking his way onto the music scene with songs like “Never Let” and “Show You”. This is the first single off of his sophomore album Patience. Ahzay oozes swagger throughout the song and video.
For those on a grind of any sort, “Nothing” is the song for you.



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