Springtime of Youth Pre-Summer Exercise Bootcamp! Final Week (aka Chounin Exams)


Welcome to the final week of the spring exercise bootcamp. This will be the last week of preparation for the Summer Workout Series 2015, which will begin promptly on the first day of summer (Summer Solstice) and Father’s day. The Summer Workout Series will offer a set of progressively harder workouts that will challenge you each week. Use the last week of spring to further prepare to kick-off the summer right. There is much more to be said at the beginning of the summer series, so stay tuned for tips, guidance, and positive energy throughout the coming months!

If you missed last weeks totals, here there are: Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
I suggest splitting this up into 3-4 days:

  • 240 Crunches
  • 240 Oblique Crunches
  • 6 minutes of holding the plank position
  • 150 push-ups
  • 100 weightless squats
  • *25 each of pull-ups, chin-ups, and wide-grip pull-ups
  • *80 dips
  • 8 miles of running or 11 miles run/walk
  • 70 flights of stairs
  • **80 minutes of elliptical
  • **80 minutes of stationary bike

*If you have access to bars for these exercises
*If you are without a place to run but have access to an elliptical machine and stationary bike. These should replace the running portion.

Feel free to ask any questions, make some requests, or share your experiences. This will be a recurring series, so don’t forget to like and subscribe!


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